About Us

About Us

About Us

We manufacture and deliver top-notch products at an affordable cost all across India. With OJAS, we are all set to ride the wave of change – starting with changing the way people watch television. We are challenging the competition and making it our business to make sure that our customer’s experience the pinch-me-I’m-dreaming moments when they kick back and sit in front of the TV.


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality experiences with the help of smarter products built keeping in mind the latest technology that will help you now. At OJAS, we want to redefine the cinematic portrayal of your favorite shows, movies, and so much more, all within the comfort of your home. We aim to capture the always-growing entertainment possibilities so you can savor the moment when you’re finally home and reach over for the remote.


Our Products

Our products are all made with one thought in mind – enhancing the content you want to watch with breathtaking picture quality that takes the ordinary and gives you surreal. Our thirst for learning, desire for the latest technology, and the pursuit of customer satisfaction drive us to deliver revolutionary entertainment options.

At OJAS, we look forward to exploring new opportunities in terms of technology and innovation and continuing our journey the way it began, including finding new ways to improve the global environment.

Going green should not just be the newer way of living but also the newer way of viewing. To ensure that we contribute to a greener, cleaner environment, we have ensured that each of our products has an Energy Saving feature.


Certified True 4K UHD 

TV displays are filled with millions of pixels – small colored dots that together form images on our TV screens. Enjoy sharp, crisp images with 4K Ultra HD screens that have 4x the number of pixels of an FHD TV. Now you can even see the smallest details in every scene.


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